Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I plan on posting as my schedule permits, but I'll just jot down some quick thoughts before I head to bed.

I need to keep up on maintenance spankings for Jacquie. I know it balances her and keeps her from overanalyzing things, but I've been lax.

It won't be every day, as I believe praise goes a long way too, but at least two or three spankings weekly will help Jacquie maintain an even keel.

Life will get in the way, I know, but it is important that I follow through however I proceed.


  1. Maintenance if very important to Henry and I too. He knows that I need it on a personal level, but it's been wonderful to keep our balance as a couple. I deferred to H on this, and his thoughts are similar to your own here. Some weeks there is less, and some there is more- as time, energy and kids allow.
    I think that the kind of thinking you're doing helps a lot. For us, we try not to get too hung up on how many times. H will use our interactions as a gauge, this it works for us, but it comes out about the same # of times as you said, 2-3. But yes! Life definitely gets in the way! :-)

  2. Welcome to blogging, Dave. Maintenance is a great way to keep things on an even keel.


  3. Maintenance is not for everyone, but in the last month and a half it has had a real impact for our relationship. But yes, I worry each time that H will forget that it is a maintenance day (he never does). This is a good note to yourself (from my perspective).