Monday, April 2, 2012

I've passed this way before...

For those of you who have read my wife's latest post about children leaving the nest and April Fool's pranks, I thought I would share a little something that happened very early on in our marriage. I had just entered the military and was a couple of  months into Basic Training when I received a card from Jacquie. Upon removing it from the envelope, the front read, in bold letters, "I'M PREGNANT". Well I went in happy. I practically ran around the barracks showing everyone, yelling about becoming a dad. All were congratulatory. After I calmed down, I sat on my bunk and opened the card. Inside it read, "Not really, I just wanted to put a scare into you for Halloween"(it was October).

Guess I shoulda opened the card first....


  1. I can see where your daughter gets her sense of humor! Jacquie sounds like a bit of a handful herself. LOL, sounds like you are learning how to handle her just fine.

    BTW, if I didn't leave a comment earlier, welcome to blogging. It's nice to have a couple out here who both writes. My M is warming up to it. Has a few posts running around in his head. We'll see what happens...

  2. lol- now that would scare most men to death! How nice that you were so happy. Did you tell Jacquie "that" back then- how happy it made you? Joke was on her since you weren't scared at all.
    Yes (like Susie said), welcome to blogging Dave!
    It's nice to get to know you *both*.

  3. Jacquie has a great sense of humour!